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Battery BT183482 BT283482 for Vtech Cordless Telephones CS6114 CS6409 CS6419 DS6401 DS6421 DS6422 DS6423 DS6424 DS6425 DS6426 DS6472 LS6405 LS6425

Battery BT183482 BT283482 for Vtech Cordless Telephones


Voltage: 2.4v
Capacity: 500mAh
Composition: NiMH
Type: AAAA*2 (longer than AAA battery)
Dimensions: 2.1 by 0.7 by 0.35 inches

Compatible Replacement for the Follow Batteries:
BT183482 BT283482 89-1348-01 CPH-518J 89134801

Compatible Replacement Battery For The Following VTech Phone Models:
CS6114, CS6114-2, CS6409, CS6419, CS6419-2, DS6401, DS6401-16, DS6421, DS6421-2, DS6421-26, DS6421-3, DS6421-4, DS6422, DS6422-4, DS6423, DS6424, DS6425, DS6426, DS6472, DS6472-6, LS6405, LS6425, LS6425-2, LS6425-3, LS6425-4, LS6426, LS6426-3, LS6475, LS6475-2, LS6475-3, LS6476

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