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Uniden BT-1007 BBTY0651101 NiCD 500mAh DC 2.4V Rechargeable Phone Battery

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Uniden BT-1007 Rechargeable Cordless Telephone Battery 

2.4V DC
Capacity: 500mAh
Composition: Nickel Cadmium
Size: 2x AA

Compatible with:

Uniden DECT 6.0 Phone Models:
CEZAI2998, DECT1340, DECT1363B, DECT1363W, DECT1363B-2, DECT1363W-2, DECT1400, DECT1480-2, DECT1480-3, DECT1480-4, DECT1480-5, DECT1500, DECT1560, DECT1560-2, DECT1560-3, DECT1560-3S, DECT1560-4, DECT1580, DECT1580-2, DECT1580-3, DECT1580-4, DECT1580-4C, DECT1580-4WXT, DECT1580-5, DECT1580-6, DECT1588-2, DECT1588-3, DECT1588-4, DECT1588-5, DCX150, EZI2996, EZAI2997, EZX290

Uniden 2.4GHz Phone Models
EXP4540, EXP4541

Uniden 900MHz Phone Models
EPX2243, EPX3000, EPX3710, EPX380B, EPX380L, EPX390P, EXP3000, EXP370, EXP370A, EXP370CS, EXP371, EXP3710, EXP371A, EXP380, EXP970, EXP971, EXP9704, EXP9660, EXP9702

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